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Christian Heilmann

Christian Heilmann

Contributing Writer

Schweinfurt / Germany
International Developer Evangelist
Personal Web site/Portfolio:
Memorable Quotes:
"A good developer is lazy, you don’t impress me by working 12 hours, you impress me by delivering the project in 4 and then going home."
"Can we tell the client the web site is 80% accessible?"
"What, like ‘our wheelchair ramp is on the third floor’?"
"90% of web development issues are caused by a need to make things behave or look like they are not intended to look or function."
"If you see a bunch of web documents as pages, LINK elements are the staples."
"Web Design is not painting by numbers, it is presenting structured content in a beautiful and usable manner."
"WYSIWYG—What You So Intensely Wished You’d Gotten"

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