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Dave Shea

Dave Shea

Contributing Writer & Interviewee

Vancouver, BC, Canada
Bright Creative
Founder, Design Lead
Personal Web site/Portfolio:
Memorable Quotes:
"6 months after the client dropped off the face of the planet, it looks like they picked up MS Paint and made chaaaanges. Welcome to the exciting world of web design."

Digital Web Articles

  1. In Defense of Fahrner Image Replacement

    Published on August 5, 2003

  2. The Web Beyond the Desktop

    Published on April 1, 2008

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Digital Web Interviews

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    Published on January 21, 2004

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    Published on February 23, 2005


  1. Get In Shape

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  3. CSS Sprites: Image Slicing’s Kiss of Death

    Publisher: A List Apart


  1. The Zen of CSS Design: Visual Enlightenment for the Web, co-author

    Publisher: New Riders

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