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J. Dawn Mercedes

J. Dawn Mercedes

Contributing Writer

Indianapolis, IN, USA
Oakton Community College
Associate Professor of Art and Graphic Design
Personal Web site/Portfolio:
J. Dawn Mercedes
Memorable Quotes:
"Save early and save often."
"When all else fails, restart the computer."

Digital Web Articles

  1. Flashes of Brilliance and Use-Centered Design

    Published on April 14, 2003

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  1. Creating Cookie-Cutter Text with Fireworks

    Publisher: Graphic Design Portal

  2. The application of feminist aesthetic theory to computer-mediated art." Studies in Art Education

    Publisher: Studies in Art Education, 1998, Fall: 66-79

  3. 3D Effects with Fireworks

    Publisher: Graphic Design Portal

  4. Digital ethics: Computers, photographs, and the manipulation of pixels

    Publisher: Art Education, 1996, May: 44-50

  5. Masking an Image with Text in Fireworks

    Publisher: Graphic Design Portal

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