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Building Your Own Start-up Technology Company, Part 1 : Comments

By Dirk Knemeyer

March 14, 2006


Troy Fleming

October 8, 2006 8:07 AM

Tested and True, Your article would have been great to run by 2 years ago when me and my partner started (A full Media Company specializing in web development) All the step you layed out in the article had to be stumbled on for us in laying out our plan. We both had different strengths and he was willing to leave his cozy job to take the jump. That also meant a couple vehicles he loved and $192,000 home to a small apartment a block away from work. Are start up capital was a Phat $4,000. We are now entering are second year and have drew a paycheck since the beginning, at first when ever it was available but now by weekly. We have 4 full time employees working on our 5th. We have been in the black the entire time and are pushing $250,000 in sales going into our second year. I think the biggest thing you have to have in making your business a success is these 3 things. Faith – Perseverance – Tithing (This Puts The Great CFO in the Picture) :)
See ya at the Finish Line – Troy

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