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Digital Convergence: Insight into the future of Web design : Comments

By Dirk Knemeyer

May 5, 2004


Matt Anderson

May 18, 2004 8:42 PM

Nothing wrong with a good cautionary kick in the pants regarding our futures. Even though I acknowledge that the pace of change in our industry is rapid, I’m not sure I share your concerns about us soon becoming watchmakers in a world of digital Swatches.

The reason, I believe, is that we’re not just keepers of a technology. We’re enablers of a dynamic and creative medium. “Web Design” is actually too narrow a term for what we do, carrying connotations inherited from static media. The Web is a space for getting life done. Your article referred to the things people do on the Web – when was the last time anyone learned, felt, connected or traded on a watch?

To use a similar analogy to yours, yes, the people who used to run giant process cameras that were needed to get a designer’s work into finished print form are now out of work – but print designers have plenty to do and advance their medium every day.

I think in fact that the Web is still an infant medium and we and our ilk are constantly discovering new things to do with it, stretching it into new forms and functions, and solving new problems – of design and technology – along the way, even for those sites bound for the “traditional” delivery methods of PC and modem.

Rich Bryson

September 23, 2004 3:08 PM

I have to agree with Matt to a point. The pace at which use of the internet has increased leads me to believe that we’ll have a whole new set of technologies to wrestle with in a 100 years’ time.

Of course, many of the applications we are creating at the moment will become parts of greater applications that perform tasks for others. These in turn will perform automated tasks so that future users do not need to worry about the code for them (apart from the ones who consistently feel the urge to improve upon existing ideas). There will then be a whole new generation amusing themselves by pushing the technology further on as new mediums are developed to communicate and perform actions. Thus, a perpetuating cycle of development will emerge (- is emerging).

To this extent, I don’t believe that the web nor the internet will become parts of the machinery that others struggle to understand the effort spent in their creation. However, saying all this, I certainly welcome any discussion on this as it serves to get people thinking outside the here and now.

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