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Kelly Goto : Comments

By Meryl K. Evans

January 26, 2005


Shirley Kaiser

January 26, 2005 11:10 PM

I’m thrilled to see that the 2nd edition of this excellent book is now out. I read the new review at Digital Web first, which was helpful, but I still wondered how the 2nd edition differs from the first edition. Then I saw that Meryl did an interview. Naturally, she asked what I wanted to know and then some, as usual — great job, Meryl! :-) Fabulous, insightful, helpful answers, too!

After reading the review of the book plus this interview, I have a much better handle on the 2nd edition. Thanks!

Michael A.

January 31, 2005 3:57 AM

I can’t wait to read the book; just ordered it moments ago. I really liked this interview, or more accurately, I liked what you had to say and the manner in which you communicated your ideas and beliefs; you are clearly passionate about what you do and what you know about, yet you didn’t speak as your beliefs are facts and exclude any other possibility.

In other words, you communicated, to me at least, that you are more moderate than many experts in our profession who come off as extremists (because they are, typically.) I always find a voice like yours more credible and reasonable and of course that include what your voice is saying.

I may not agree, but I sure as hell will listen (and read!) Thanks again, Michael

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