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VisiBone Web Color KiloChart

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By Jesse Nieminen

Published on June 11, 2002

VisiBone Web Color KiloChartVisibone's new "unsafe" Web Color KiloChart does away with hex values in favor of numeric RGB values, useful to authors working with CSS. The 1068 color chips presented are appropriate for setting styles in 4+ browsers, and expose many colors that you would like to use but didn't have the patience to search for. Arranged with "perceptually uniform color spacing," the organization is as beautiful to look at as it is useful. It's quite a good example of information design.

Web designers unsatisfied with the limited palettes they've confined themselves to should take a look. It's a great reference to keep handy as you're searching for the perfect color combinations.

The poster-size chart is printed on heavy coated paper and is 18 x 24 inches, meaning you'll need some wall-space next to your monitor to make full use of it. Unfortunately, my office is basically made of curtained windows-- what to do? I'd love to see it in a more portable format.

Visibone also offers several other charts, cards, swatch palettes and coding reference tools specifically for web designers, many of which are available free through their website. Their declared mission is "untangling order out of practical chaos." Visibone seems to do it quite well.

VisiBone Web Color KiloChart
$15 + shipping

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