IntraBranding: Why Your Intranet Needs Its Own Personality

The next time you work on an intranet project, whether for private- or public-sector organizations, ask your client or manager about branding. Usually, the answer will be another question, “Why do we need to worry about branding?” After all, this is an internal site, for employees only, or—in the case of extranets—for contractors and partners, … Read moreIntraBranding: Why Your Intranet Needs Its Own Personality

Getting Mobile


Long promised and way overdue, mobile technology is finally moving beyond telephone calls to become a fundamental of our technology-infused lives. In fact, mobile could very well transform how we gather and use information. But beyond the hype rumors and billions of investment dollars in the mobile industry lies a simple concept: mobile devices, which … Read moreGetting Mobile

Practical Usability Testing

When I started this column, part of my motivation was to write about tools to empower Web designers—techniques they could take away and apply immediately. I’ve written an article on how information architecture can be a natural progression from Web design and two articles containing short lessons to help new information architects be more effective on the job. My … Read morePractical Usability Testing

A Matter of Styles


Until recently, cascading style sheets (CSS) were the most tragically hip technology available online. Touted as the way to create page layouts by, well, the folks that wrote the specification, style sheets were long denied any serious consideration in corporate development environments. Poor browser support stranded CSS in the “isn’t that nice” realm of Web development, a technology … Read moreA Matter of Styles

Offline Marketing

Looking Back It wasn’t so long ago that dotcom startups, new media, and break-out Internet companies were pushing their name on the general public through various print ads, massive public banners, radio and television spots, as well as ridiculous and outrageous publicity events. All of these advertising methods proved an effective way to get their … Read moreOffline Marketing

The Behavior Layer


Now that Web developers have a solid grip on the XHTML structural and CSS presentation layers, it’s time to consider the JavaScript behavior layer and especially its accessibility. In the past JavaScript has been much abused, mainly because people misunderstood its purpose. Many sites used JavaScript for presentation only, for instance in ubiquitous and ultimately … Read moreThe Behavior Layer

The Ideal Web Team (part 2)

In this column I’ll continue my investigation of the ideal Web team, which consists of three sub-teams: The client-side specialists, who create an attractive, clear front end. The server-side specialists, who create a smoothly operating back end. The supporting specialists, who make sure that the other two sub-teams can do their jobs. In the previous column, an ideal Web … Read moreThe Ideal Web Team (part 2)

Battle of the WYSIWYGs: Adobe GoLive 6 vs. Macromedia Dreamweaver MX


   Although some web developers balk at the idea of using WYSIWYG HTML editors to develop professional sites, the fact remains that they are widely used by design and development firms and have contributed to making the web a nicer-looking place. The code created by these editors isn’t always clean and lean, but they offer … Read moreBattle of the WYSIWYGs: Adobe GoLive 6 vs. Macromedia Dreamweaver MX

Information Architecture: Blueprints for the Web

I’ve always disliked the “Dummies” books—you know, the ones with the bright yellow covers. Despite the potential for funny titles (“Cooking for Dummies”), I’ve always found them to be vaguely insulting. When it comes to the burgeoning field of Information Architecture, however, a book for beginners (not always dummies) would be welcome. And now it’s … Read moreInformation Architecture: Blueprints for the Web



“This article will be 750 words long exactly, or you can have your money back.” Several months ago, I went into great detail about the process that I went through to design and develop a website for a client that I had at the time. I talked about planning, design, development and implementation issues. I … Read moreContent