Nick Finck


Nick Finck Former Publisher Birthplace: Portland, Oregon, United States Employer: Blue Flavor Title/Role: Director of User Experience Personal Web site/Portfolio: Memorable Quotes: “The ‘right’ design is the design that is you. Design speaks, it breaths and more importantly it communicates emotion. Good design says a lot without saying a single word or even displaying … Read moreNick Finck

Shirley E. Kaiser


Shirley E. Kaiser Contributing Writer, Interviewee Birthplace: San Rafael, CA, USA Employer: SKDesigns Title/Role: Owner, designer, developer, cook and dishwasher Personal Web site/Portfolio: Brainstorms and Raves Memorable Quotes: “A thwing* hit me.” * my 3-year-old’s way of pronouncing ‘swing’ Digital Web Articles Designing for Search Engines and Stars Published on April 9, 2001 Subscribe to … Read moreShirley E. Kaiser


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Alan K’necht


Alan K’necht Former Columnist Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario, Canada Employer: K’nechtology Inc. Title/Role: President and Senior Internetologist Personal Web site/Portfolio: About Alan K’necht Memorable Quotes: “Remember the first two Ws in WWW stand for World Wide.” Digital Web Articles Making Cents from Information Architecture Published on January 22, 2003 The ROI of ROI Published on March … Read moreAlan K’necht

Ben Henick


Ben Henick Former Copy Chief Birthplace: New York, New York, United States Employer: Ben Henick Title/Role: Web Author At-Large Personal Web site/Portfolio: Memorable Quotes: “…good, effective design is really the only way to transcend the Standard Operating Procedure of the Web and turn it into a unique experience… on the order of a novel … Read moreBen Henick

Christina Wodtke


Christina Wodtke Former Information Architecture Advisor Birthplace: Evanston, IL Employer: Yahoo! Title/Role: “Information Architect” Personal Web site/Portfolio: Memorable Quotes: “Fluffy tail! Fluffy tail!” Digital Web Articles Mind your phraseology! Published on August 13, 2002 Eat Me, Drink Me, Push Me: In which the subtle arts of the interface are examined. Published on December … Read moreChristina Wodtke

Craig Saila


Craig Saila Former CSS Developer Birthplace: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Employer: Bell Globemedia Interactive Title/Role: Web Producer, Finance Sites Personal Web site/Portfolio: Memorable Quotes: “Whatever you do, please don’t ‘click here’.” Digital Web Articles Christopher Schmitt Published on January 29, 2003 Andrew B. King Published on May 15, 2003 Mark Newhouse Published on June 17, … Read moreCraig Saila

Adding Value through Search Engine Optimization


Adding Value through Search Engine Optimization Got something to say? Share your comments on this topic with other web professionals In: Columns > The $ & Sense of IT By Alan K’necht Published on June 12, 2003 To ensure that the companies you work for (as full-time employees, consultants, or contractors) succeed, you must ensure … Read moreAdding Value through Search Engine Optimization

Ian Lloyd


Ian Lloyd Contributing Writer Birthplace: Southampton, UK Employer: Nationwide Building Society, UK Title/Role: Senior Internet Designer Personal Web site/Portfolio: My VW air-cooled fetish My photography ‘bit on the side’ Personal blog Accessify (web accessiblity site) Memorable Quotes: “Beefcake” @media 2006 Digital Web Articles CSS Styling for Print and Other Media Published on November 20, 2006 … Read moreIan Lloyd

Jeffrey Zeldman


Jeffrey Zeldman Contributing Writer, Interviewee, and Former Contributing Editor Birthplace: United States Employer: Happy Cog Productions Title/Role: Principal Personal Web site/Portfolio: Memorable Quotes: “While some of us were sitting around with curly fries hanging out of our mouths, the Revolution happened. And it wasn’t even televised.” Digital Web Articles 99.9% of Websites Are Obsolete … Read moreJeffrey Zeldman

Jeff Lash


Jeff Lash Former Columnist Birthplace: Springfield, MA, USA Employer: Elsevier Title/Role: Product Director, MD Consult Personal Web site/Portfolio: Memorable Quotes: “No one wants a website. A website is just a way to help someone get whatever it is that they really want.” Digital Web Articles Three Ways to Improve External Search Engine Usability Published … Read moreJeff Lash

Jesse Nieminen

Jesse Nieminen Former Product Review Editor and Cover Artist Birthplace: Upper Michigan, United States Employer: Title/Role: Principal Personal Web site/Portfolio: Memorable Quotes: “Sometimes I feel like a hitman” Digital Web Articles Adobe Photoshop 5.5 Published on August 28, 2001 MetaCreations Painter 6.0 Published on August 28, 2001 Adobe After Effects 4.1 Published on … Read moreJesse Nieminen

Digital Web Magazine – News – Readership Question: Post Survey Q&A


Readership Question: Post Survey Q&A Nick Finck February 3, 2006 at 2:07 PM Ok, now that we have wrapped up this year’s annual readership survey (results to come). I would like to pose a question to the readership. Traditionally the comments that are posted in the survey are not released in any fashion to the … Read moreDigital Web Magazine – News – Readership Question: Post Survey Q&A