A Survey of the JavaScript Programming Language by Douglas Crockford

JavaScript was developed by Brendan Eich at Netscape as the in-page scripting language for Navigator 2. It is a remarkably expressive dynamic programming language. Because of its linkage to web browsers, it instantly became massively popular. It never got a trial period in which it could be corrected and polished based on actual use. The language is powerful and flawed.

Filthy Critic: The Life Aquatic

Director Anderson sure as shit loves making movies and cramming them with details, contraptions and fantastic visuals. He even loves dialog and writes bits that other writers would kill to have. It's just that he seems to be getting so God damned disinterested in people that he can't give them any sort of emotional trip that makes the physical one worth following. He did the same thing with Royal Tenenbaums, where he spent so much time sketching the characters' quirks that he never bothered letting them express anything.