News : January 2001 Daphne and Rony of Infinite Race tell us that they are now accepting cover design submissions, for IR’s new version “Praise,” by invitation only. The submissions will be posted at along with


News : January 2001

Daphne and Rony of Infinite Race tell us that they are now accepting cover design submissions, for IR’s new version “Praise,” by invitation only. The submissions will be posted at along with author credits. If interested in obtaining an invitation, please complete an application with a link to your posted work.

January 31, 2001 at 8:16 PM

Nick Finck

The /files/includes/10.css0th issue of K/files/includes/10.cssk is now up and online. Who is the featured artist? No one less than the almighty Joshua Davis. But you won’t find any fancy flash, no killer DHTML/DOM spinning graphics left and right… nope… nothing fancy… just text. Just content… and perhaps the most inspiring story of one designer’s life ever to grace the pages of the web. Period.

January 30, 2001 at 1:15 PM

Nick Finck

H73 got redesigned. Thanks to DiK for pointing this out to us. Speaking of DiK, check out their new cover with sound… very slick.

January 30, 2001 at 12:28 AM

Nick Finck

Adobe features Mike Cina this week as well as a new edition of Zeldman’s great HTML Hell column.

January 29, 2001 at 11:08 AM

Nick Finck

Today is Australian Day! So come and celebrate with two of my favorite sites: DiK and INfront!

January 26, 2001 at 9:31 AM

Nick Finck

In reference to Maki’s note below about Marc Klein getting ripped-off. Here are the direct URLs side-by-side for you to compare:
praxis : industries (offending site)
pixel : industries (Marc’s site)

January 26, 2001 at 7:57 AM

Nick Finck

There are always web design rip-offs…but this has to be one of the most blatant ever, of one of Marc Klein’s former designs. From that unforgettable head motif to the copy and even the company name, they’ve ripped off everything. Geez!

January 26, 2001 at 1:48 AM

Makiko Itoh

A new issue of A List Apart is out. In this issue Scott Jason Cohen covers The Curse of Information Design.

January 25, 2001 at /files/includes/10.css:21 PM

Nick Finck

To WAP or not to WAP a very interesting rant on the future of wireless technologies.

January 25, 2001 at 1:12 PM

Nick Finck

Read about my current personal hell and give your support if you wish click here!

January 25, 2001 at /files/includes/10.css:56 AM

Jesse Nieminen

Following in the footsteps of the Blogger server fund comes DotCom! Welfare… and all to funny view of the Dot-Com reality.

January 24, 2001 at 1:52 PM

Nick Finck

Steven Champeon has a great article on Apple’s site about Working with Javascript – Modifying Styles… very slick.

January 23, 2001 at /files/includes/10.css:54 PM

Nick Finck

It’s 1994, do you.. uhh, Yahoo!? …you bet your ass we do! Check out this vintage Yahoo! homepage from 1994. This reminds us all of how far we have come with web design. Never forget your roots.

January 23, 2001 at 1:00 PM

Nick Finck

In a small discreet email, Fabrice Gdo Bertrand told me that LabSynth had launched… I simply can not say enough about this site… you have to see it and hear it to believe it… top notch! crank it up.

January 22, 2001 at 9:07 PM

Nick Finck

Kiiroi gets phat and phresh on us. Mad props to Ry and the rest of the crew for a job well done. Love those colors and the style man! This is another fine example of Ry leading the design trend rather than following it… keep an eye on this guy, he’s crazy!

January 22, 2001 at 5:12 PM

Nick Finck

I’m working on an article for about creativity and code, and I’m looking for sites that show an outstanding grasp of technology as well as a great design sense. I have a list of the usual sites (like the ones that get mentioned here a lot) but if you know of any hidden gems please drop me a line. thanks!

January 21, 2001 at 1:38 PM

Makiko Itoh

Since writing the recent ALA article about my experiences with the latest dot-com deaths and the current industry crisis, I have been asking myself a more interesting question: Why? Why exactly is this happening… most critics are quick to point fingers at the stock market and the over-hyped media/news coverage… I disagree. A recent article in eCompany Now magazine answered the question for me. Michael Newman writes perhaps the most thought-provoking article about why the Dotcom’s are dieing off so fast in his article “Dotcom Inferno: Money to Burn.” I know this is the answer because I have been in the bowels of a web design agency, not unlike the ones he mentions in his article, and I have seen the problems he mentions first-hand. I know this is a long article to read, but please trust me when I say; your job may depend on it.

January 19, 2001 at /files/includes/10.css:00 AM

Nick Finck

I have come to believe that Justin Fox is evil… check out his wicked design going on at Australian INfront… pure evil I tell you!

January 18, 2001 at 11:29 PM

Nick Finck

The horror, the horror. A painfully new issue of A List Apart is online… this issue focuses on the latest Dot-Com casualties, not to mention a personal experience piece by yours truly.

January 18, 2001 at 9:31 PM

Nick Finck

daily up/files/includes/date.css – every day, new work, for the entire year 2001. enjoy!

January 18, 2001 at 9:12 PM

Daniel Vena

If there is one good thing about a mail and web server going back online from being down for about 48 hours, it is messages from your email programs like this “you have 1804 new emails” …pick a number, any number, and wait in line.

January 18, 2001 at 7:34 PM

Nick Finck

Today is Marc Klein‘s birthday. Send him an email and let him know he’s loved 😛

January 17, 2001 at 1:13 AM

Nick Finck

Surfs up… New Surfstation design is online for your gawking pleasure…. mad props to Thomas Brodahl and crew. Expect to see some of Thomas’s work right here on Digital Web soon.

January 16, 2001 at /files/includes/10.css:52 PM

Nick Finck

This was a HUGE shock to me… Macromedia and Allaire will be merging. I am not sure if this is good news or bad news for Homesite… perhaps it is good news for us design/developers that love the functionality of Dreamweaver, but the raw-coding power of Homesite.

January 16, 2001 at /files/includes/10.css:15 PM

Nick Finck

One9ine is featured over at Adobe. Meanwhile, Adobe has it’s handful this AM while it begins assembling it’s army of lawyers to take out Orange Digital Media (see previous post below).

January 15, 2001 at 8:11 AM

Nick Finck

Quoting the philosophy of Orange Digital Media [or what should be known as their philosophy]:

The philosophy of ODM is simple:
The development of a high quality web presence for every client. We believe the potential of the web is vast, and providing a means to tap into that potential by way of [ripping off well-established authors in the design community for a purely personal gain.]

Special thanks to the head lemur… shall no rock go unturned.

January 15, 2001 at 8:08 AM

Nick Finck

My man Jade over at Design is Kinky is collecting a list of Skate Board Parks across the globe so if you have any favorite places please email them in to him. Don’t forget to include Country, Town, Street Address and Main Feature of the park. Toping my personal list of favorites in Portland Oregon is the Tualatin Hills Athletic Center’s skate park and the Burnside skate under the Burnside Bridge in downtown Portland, Oregon. You can check out massive lists of skate parks on these sites: Sleestak’s NorthWest Skate Parks, Truckstop Magazine’s skate oark page and of course on’s skate parks page… and remember, heaven is a halfpipe.

January 14, 2001 at /files/includes/10.css:18 PM

Nick Finck

This tragedy is too painful to watch. It really saddens me to see so many designers out of a job… I myself got stuck in the middle of this bloodbath a month ago as well… what to do… what to do.

January 14, 2001 at 9:47 PM

Nick Finck

Speaking of portfolios, a very impressive portfolio was recently submitted to the Classifieds by the very talented Chris Murphy who also did the xygoxen site.

January 13, 2001 at 1:26 PM

Nick Finck

Been working on getting my portfolio up/files/includes/date.cssd as I wait for some more content to come in for Digital Web.

January 13, 2001 at 12:06 PM

Nick Finck

The boss has just promoted me over at ALA to Producer. I am not sure what exactly this means, but to me it is work as usual… a lot of playing with the code and meeting new people. Hopefully I will meet my boss for the first time at SXSW.

January 13, 2001 at 12:19 AM

Nick Finck

Busy at work getting the next issue of Digital Web ready for publication. If you are interested in writing a tutorial or a column for the magazine, please let me know. Meanwhile, another issue of A List Apart is out. This week Alan Herrell deconstructs the new U.S. accessibility regulations and their implications for web designers everywhere.

January 12, 2001 at 9:51 AM

Nick Finck

I have received the opportunity to make a pitch to speak at a very well known web conference. So I am asking you, the readers of Digital Web Magazine, what would you like to hear about? Preferably something on the design/creative side of things… not too technical. I would love to hear your suggestions, thoughts, ideas and hopes. You can email me here.

January /files/includes/10.css, 2001 at /files/includes/10.css:24 PM

Nick Finck

Tim started to compile a list of designers, and what they’re listening to called ‘Now Playing’. So far the response has been terrific, and you can still add your songs. Simply email him with your name, website (if applicable), and the artist and title of the song that you’re currently listening to, or the song that’s in your head, or just one that you like!

January 7, 2001 at 4:48 PM

Nick Finck

Rat-a-tat-tat… this is your last chance to check out all the tattoos on Design is Kinky.

January 7, 2001 at 4:19 PM

Nick Finck

A new issue of mudpub is out for your viewing pleasure. This issue is “the Korportate, Konsumption issue.” Check out Takashi Okamoto’s killer artwork.

January 7, 2001 at 12:37 PM

Nick Finck

Brendan Dawes tells us that the Saul Bass web site is now back online… it is a tribute to the genius of graphic design. I highly recommend checking out this site.

January 6, 2001 at 2:27 PM

Nick Finck

Meryl Kaplan Evans writes a good article on WebReview about the return of the Web Standards Project… stinger and all. Props to Molly for the email.

January 5, 2001 at 6:03 PM

Nick Finck

This week’s ALA is about Topless Dancing and Information Design. What? You don’t believe me do you? Well check it out… it’s a really great article written by Denice “Davina” Warren.

January 5, 2001 at 7:54 AM

Nick Finck

A quick as it came, it was gone. Mad props to the Champ for the link.

January 4, 2001 at /files/includes/10.css:25 PM

Nick Finck

Apparently Jesse was blessed with a Harman/Kardon sound system for Christmas… very lucky man 🙂

January 3, 2001 at 6:52 PM

Nick Finck

Ashley Ringrose (Working at Hyro) is a young Australian who gets into some very tricky flashturbation, also check out his raunchy slippery truffle. Also, the crew at are gathering communities together to rally behind their major re-launch. They have big ideas about promoting us in the media, and need us all to get behind them – so check out their interim site and signup to help out.

January 3, 2001 at 5:04 PM

Justin Fox

Born again. As always, kick ass work by Gabe and crew!

January 3, 2001 at 2:39 PM

Nick Finck

haha!…and you thought Arthur C. Clarke was a mad man… who’s laughing now?!

January 2, 2001 at 6:/files/includes/10.css PM

Nick Finck

This very page you are reading would not be possible if it wasn’t for some backend wizardry by the people at Pyra. Several other sites that have news pages and journal pages similar to this one also rely on Blogger power. But there is a problem, Blogger can’t keep up with the demand. They need to upgrade their servers and there are only two ways to do that… one way would be to plague Blogger with ads and service fees in exchange for access… or… the more preferred method is to ask people like you for a small donation. Be it just $5, $50, or even $500… Blogger needs your help… please show a little humanity for Blogger-kind.

January 2, 2001 at 5:56 PM

Nick Finck

A new issue of *spark-online is out for your reading pleasure… it is packed with articles on everything from search engines, dictionaries, trademarks, logos, dot-com failures, religion and outsider artists. Check it out.

January 2, 2001 at 5:37 PM

Nick Finck

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