IE8 Changes Direction Towards Standards

Tiff Fehr March 3, 2008 at 4:01 PM Add to Delicious or Add to My Yahoo! Today Microsoft announced that IE8 will render standards mode by default. This is a fairly big reversal from the initial stance that web professionals would need to include a special instruction, X-UA-compatible, to render a website in standards mode, rather than the default rendering currently in … Read moreIE8 Changes Direction Towards Standards

IE8 Version Targeting causes quite a stir

Matthew Pennell January 22, 2008 at 9:03 AM Add to Delicious or Add to My Yahoo! Readers of the venerable A List Apart will already have read about IE8’s new version targeting (and Eric Meyer’s accompanying opinion piece) — and the announcement has elicited quite a few heated reactions, collated here for your convenience: Microsoft’s own announcement drew both positive … Read moreIE8 Version Targeting causes quite a stir

Beyond the A-List, Diversity in the Web Community

circle of hands - different - races

The age-old debate about gender diversity at web conference has kicked back into full swing again which spun a wider debate about gender diversity and even ethnicity in the industry as a whole. Here are some recent posts on the topic: Gender Diversity at Web Conferences, The diversity division, On Conferences and Diversity, Diverse It Gets, Why are smart people … Read moreBeyond the A-List, Diversity in the Web Community

Win a Free Ticket to Web Directions North!


Win a full pass to Web Directions North, in Vancouver, Canada, February 6-10, 2007. Web Directions North features top-notch speakers including Dave Shea, Doug Bowman, Veerle Pieters, Andy Clarke, Cameron Moll, Kelly Goto, Jeremy Keith, Dan Cederholm, Derek Featherstone, John Allsopp, and many more. Making the gathering even cooler, the conference is followed by two days of optional … Read moreWin a Free Ticket to Web Directions North!

Got Gmail?


I am sure you have seen the Gmail invites going around (If not, check out whitespace, dezwozhere, jluster, minjungkim, widgetopia, wholelottanothing, and about 100 other sites). Well, just because it’s the trendy thing to do these days: I have seven, yes seven (7) Gmail invites to give away. So instead of doing some kind of contest, I would like to do … Read moreGot Gmail?

Misinformation about the IE7 announcement


As many of you may already know during his keynote address at the RSA conference, Bill Gates announced that Microsoft will be releasing a new beta version of Internet Explorer 7.0 for XP SP2 this summer. Going off only official news there seems to be some misinformation already circulating. As we understand it there won’t be any … Read moreMisinformation about the IE7 announcement