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Nick Finck

February 28, 2000 at 3:16 PM

Here is something to get you thinking in new ways. Have you ever questioned why it's a box? Would a octagon work? How about a circle? Who really thinks up these rules? Food for thought:

"In the morning, I wake up in my sleeping box called a bedroom that's in my living box called a house. I make my way to the feeding box called a kitchen so I can eat cereal from a box called Cap 'n Crunch. It's then time to go to the concrete box called garage and get in the rolling box called a car so I can get to work. Once there I take a small floating box called an elevator to the work box called an office, and get into my own box called a cubicle, where I type all day on a box called a computer. Then when I get as much work done as I can, I go back to the elevator box taking me down to the parking garage box so I can drive back to the house box in my car box. Along the way I may stop at a big box called a grocery store to pick up a frozen box of dead animal parts called dinner that I can later heat in a humming box called a microwave oven so that I may eat a healthy meal. After eating I relax in a sitting box called a living room by staring at a flickering box called the TV. I decide to retire to my bedroom box so that I may rest. Before drifting off to sleep I imagine I might take some time off from the work box, so that I may go to a busy box called an airport to take a flying box called an airplane to another airport box somewhere South where I can relax in a box full of boxes called a hotel, maybe lie around in a wet box called a pool and enjoy the exotic locale. But that's for another day, for now I must live today's experiences all over again tomorrow, so that I can buy more boxes, bigger boxes, and better boxes, so that I may be truly happy and fulfilled in life. And if I am really lucky, everything will be airconditioned."

- Pasi Nuutilainen

Reprinted with premission. Spring 2000, Adbusters.

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