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Nick Finck

March 26, 2000 at 10:00 PM

The Academy Awards are over and the winners have been announced. Everything I learned in film school made me trust my instincts and those who won were no surprise for me. The Matrix brought home buckets of Oscars for the FX end of things and American Beauty pulled in several Oscars including Best Picture. What did surprise me was the Dot-Coms and technology push of this year's show. How many Dot-Coms can you put into a four-hour show? The Academy may be the only people who can answer that. In a few years from now the Academy Awards will probably look more like a multimedia fair than a traditional film award show. With the advent of things that companies like Intertainer call 'Convergence', the film and video industry will be reinvented, but what does that mean to the web? I invite you to contribute your ideas.

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