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Nick Finck

May 6, 2000 at 7:10 PM

Friday, May 5th of the year 2000 will be a day of reckoning. We lost one of the greatest of the grandest today. Glenn Davis, after six years of picking one great website every day of every week of every month, he has decided to move on. Is it all for greener pastures, new ideas or perhaps better pay? Probably not the later... Glenn was never in it for the money; he was in it for the spirit. Has the spirit faded away? Is it not the bright sparkling light we used to think it was? What happened to this place?

At any rate, Glenn will always be remembered even if he does not resurface in this industry at all. He was a mentor to many, a innovator of the web, a inspiration to all including myself. Heros are remembered but legends never die.

...Ok, gesh, the guy is not dead. He may show up somewhere with another grand idea. Have a little faith. Give the man a moment to rest for the first time in six years.... six years in web years is a long time to be doing the web, I should know.

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