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Makiko Itoh

May 14, 2000 at 3:54 AM

Many of us living in Europe are trying to recover from last night's Eurovision song contest which was held in beautiful Stockholm and featured huge flag-colored lips (you had to watch it to understand.) The Danish team, aka "two old geezers with guitars", won, which surely makes the Kaliber10000 boys very happy. The Flash/Shockwave-based website is amazingly cool - especially "Make your own Waterloo Mix" featuring an animated version of (of course) Abba. The site was made by Paregos. (A sidetrack - why do so many web-design sites have their name transcribed into pseudo-Japanese now, even if there's no Japanese content? Is it the "cool" thing to do? Does Nick want "Digital Web" in Japanese? :)

Speaking of Flash, this 5-minute version of Star Wars Episode IV on my friend Nicole Parrot's excellent Star Wars fan site is absolutely hilarious and very well done.

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