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Makiko Itoh

May 18, 2000 at 3:03 AM

As the author of the current tutorial about cleaning up your HTML and things and as someone who makes $ (SF, DM) doing DHTML consulting, I try and try and try to work with the limitations and problems posed by the current batch of browsers. But sometimes, when a page too many breaks, I'm severely tempted to chuck the whole thing...and go Flash (gasp!). And I don't just mean a Flash splash screen or navigational elements, or even a few mini-movies. I'm talking about an entire site made only with. I know it's not accessible, etc etc but at least once it works, it works, no? Let me know if you have gone through a similar Flash moment - and better yet, what was the incident, page, whatever that triggered it. (for me, it was running into the mysterious and unpredictable "DHTML limit" (combination of CSS positionable elements + Javascript) in Netscape yet again. grrr.)

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