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Makiko Itoh

May 25, 2000 at 4:47 AM

My previous rant aside :), the drawbacks of Flash are that you do still need a plug-in, and you do need a pretty fast machine and a decently fast connection. Given that, why is this otherwise attractive nonprofit site done entirely in Flash4? You would imagine that a site devoted to a disabling disease would be more sensitive to accessibility issues too. There is no way to resize the window since their Javascript opens a new window with no controls, and as far as I could see, not even a way to print out the information on a page. There a still lots of people like my 60something dad for example, who only surf the 'Net to get information or do a little shopping, and when they find what they want they want to print it out for offline reading (staring at a screen is very tiring for older people). I do think that as working web designers, while we may want to push the tech/design envelope all the time and we can always do that when appropriate, we do have to keep in mind who the audience is for a particular site..even if it means having to educate the customer about bandwidth issues and stuff in the process. (of course, when the designers are clueless themselves it doesn't help... :) )

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