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Nick Finck

May 26, 2000 at 11:56 AM

The question of the day is what didn't I do last night? I had a wonderful conversation with Gabe over the loud music in a smoky room that is the Pint of Portland (note to self: Never drink on Thursdays). The fun part, aside from the eye-opening conversation with Gabe, was when I got to dodge a few pool sticks. I also got to briefly meet Brad and Julie, which was cool. I have been in this town for 25 years you'd think I would have meet Brad and Julie sooner. After staggering home I managed to hoist myself up to the computer (Ok, I wasn't that drunk, just buzzed) to finish the development of today's A List Apart (which has a great article this week, BTW) and reply to a few posts from Glenn Davis, Jeffrey Zeldman, Lance Arthur and Rebecca Pranger. I feel like Zeldman does, I need my own weblog to keep track of my own life.

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