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Nick Finck

June 13, 2000 at 8:55 AM

Jason apologized today and so do I. I apologize to Jason for being a reactionary person... I probably should have tried to understand his point better before replying.

Jason is basically tired of seeing the same stuff on everyone's web log... and I agree.

He's tired of seeing everyone link into and talk about each others web logs... I am to.

I realize I do this here... a lot... but you have to understand, this site is not about this web log... this web log is simply here to give you some news to chew on before the next issue comes out.

As Zeldman says, you have to be able to get beyond the front page to understand the site (in his Slashdot interview), for us it's the fact that you have to get past the What's New page to understand the point of the site.

If you don't like the news I dish out or you are tired of seeing the same thing over and over again on this site, then by all means, go forth explore the web. There is more to the web than just this site... I am not twisting your arm to keep you from going out there and finding other cool sites. And if you do find some site like that, let me know... I like to explore too.

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