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Nick Finck

January 19, 2001 at 10:00 AM

Since writing the recent ALA article about my experiences with the latest dot-com deaths and the current industry crisis, I have been asking myself a more interesting question: Why? Why exactly is this happening... most critics are quick to point fingers at the stock market and the over-hyped media/news coverage... I disagree. A recent article in eCompany Now magazine answered the question for me. Michael Newman writes perhaps the most thought-provoking article about why the Dotcom's are dieing off so fast in his article "Dotcom Inferno: Money to Burn." I know this is the answer because I have been in the bowels of a web design agency, not unlike the ones he mentions in his article, and I have seen the problems he mentions first-hand. I know this is a long article to read, but please trust me when I say; your job may depend on it.

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