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Nick Finck

June 13, 2001 at 9:47 PM

Speaking of watching the passage of time... I was digging through my file cabinet and found some old documents that really date me. For example, the first documented date of myself being online was February 18th 1994, though I am sure I was on the Internet before then, running around like a mad man without a PPP connection, building HTML pages in Pico and viewing them in Lynx. Then came Trumpet WinSock for Win3.0 and wow, I had a graphical browser! On May 15th 1995 I started my web design business, then called Digital Productions Inc. which would later evolve into what Digital Web Magazine is today. I even found some floppy disks (ya, remember those?) with some of the first web pages I made for my business site. The design was not as bad as my first personal web site, but damn near it.

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