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Ben Henick

June 15, 2001 at 12:39 AM

Most articles about type on the web bitch about what you can't do. I'm quite lucky to have found an article that talks about what you can do. [From Lines & Splines]

With the recent talk about birthdays, I thought it high time to mention that both Steph (my favorite Francophone) and I are celebrating our 27th birthdays on 7 July (three weeks from Saturday).

I don't normally ask for gifts, but I'm in an activist mood. So... I want to see gifts given, just not to me: if you don't already, spend some time with a child, listen to them, hug them from the bottom of your heart if they're okay with that. If you want to "get your design on" buy a pad of paper and a big box of wax crayons, share them with a kid, and enjoy the results. Have some fun.

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