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Nick Finck

September 27, 2002 at 12:03 PM

WebReference published a list of tips to avoiding Spam called "Spam Solutions II". Clearly the best solution is to use a server-side tool like Spam Assassin (listed in the Spam Solutions I). However, when it comes to client-side methods to reducing or eliminating Spam, simply using "johny at" or "" will only foil a few spiders, but hardly make a dent in your inbox. Even methods of using escape characters can easily be deciphered by software. The best method that has always worked is to simply not post your email address (and IMC ID's) anywhere on your site, instead use a server-side script to process your emails and a simple HTML form without any visible or hidden email addresses on the client-side. While not bullet proof, it certainly keeps your inbox as clean as possible. [from Meryl's Notes]

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