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Nick Finck

November 1, 2002 at 12:08 PM

Yours truly is a proud member of Asilomar Institute for Information Architecture (AIFIA). The AIfIA serves to advance the design of shared information environments. We support a global community infrastructure that connects people, ideas, content, and tools. Through research, education, advocacy and community service, we promote excellence within our field and build bridges to related disciplines and organizations.

The institute is headed up by Digital Web Magazine's own IA, Christina Wodtke and the usual suspects: Lou Rosenfeld, Victor Lombardi, Peter Morville, John Zapolski... with additional help from the Leadership Council: Michael Angeles, Samantha Bailey, Dan Brown, Andrew Dillon, Karl Fast, Jesse James Garrett, Andrew Hinton, Keith Instone, Jeff Lash (Digital Web Magazine's IAnything Goes columnist), Erin Malone, Jess McMullin, Eric Scheid, Rashmi Sinha, Thomas Vander Wal, and Todd Wilkens. [from InfoDesign]

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