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Nick Finck

November 14, 2002 at 12:46 AM

November has been a busy month with a lot of changes for us at Digital Web Magazine. For starters Britt D. Parrott joins the ranks of staff as our new Associate Editor. Britt has a detailed background in editorial work going back to when he worked at Transworld Skateboarding Magazine as Managing Editor for three years (yes, David Carson was the Art Director at the time). Today Britt works for David Evans and Associates, Inc. as their Webmaster. We are happy to have Britt as a part of the team.

We have also recruited two new Product Review Editors; Alex Schleifer for Windows products and Daniel J. Cody for Linux products. These two will assist Jesse Nieminen while he focuses on specifically MacOS products.

Elisa K. Miller did such a wonderful job as an interim book review author that we decided to promote her to Assistant Book Review Editor assisting James McNally. Also moving up the ranks is Meryl K. Evans, she will be taking the role of Managing Editor assisting in the day-to-day management of contributors and staff writers.

Last but not least, Craig Saila will be moving into Meryl's former role as Assistant Editor helping interview widely known designers, developers and experts.

Speaking of interviews and experts, I almost forgot. For this week's issue on usability Meryl and I interviewed usability expert Dr. Jakob Nielson. We hope you enjoy the interview and we'll see you next week with more on usability.

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