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Nick Finck

December 2, 2002 at 12:28 PM

Part two of the contraversial Nathan Shedroff interview on has been published. Since part one was published a lot of IAs have piped up made their comments heard. Personally I feel the that fine-grain segmentation of the industry as a whole has grown a bit out of hand in the last year or so. The truth is that "good" (read: understands *all* aspects of design) and "experienced" (read: for 6 or more years) web designers have always covered IA, UX, ID, UCD, and so forth to some reasonable extent. Segemetation of that degree is only needed on projects that focus on those aspects of site design. (A few examples: Yes, Google and Yahoo! need good IAs. Yes, when it was around, could have used some good Interaction Designers. Yes, could use a good Information Designer.) [from InfoDesign]

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