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Nick Finck

December 17, 2002 at 11:07 PM

It has been a very long year for us at Digital Web Magazine. I added it up and we have published over 80 articles in 2002 alone, so it is no surprise that our staff has doubled in size and we have recruited several in-house writers and columnists. Next year will be filled with even bigger news, mark my words. But, for now, we would like to end this year with a big bang as we publish three new articles on navigation and how it relates to information architecture. In this issue we have a new edition of the Keep it Simple column by Peter-Paul Koch which hits on what it means to have "Navigation Complex." Also in this issue is another edition of IAnything Goes by Jeff Lash. Jeff covers the topic of "Persuasive Navigation." Lastly, Jesse James Garrett joins us as a contributing author to write the second feature of this month titled, "The Psychology of Navigation." That is all for this year. Now, if you don't mind, we will be far away from our computers as we enjoy the holiday season. Thanks to all of you, our readers, for your help and support, we couldn't have done this without you. See you in 2003.

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