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Nick Finck

January 15, 2003 at 12:03 PM

James Kalbach writes an excellent article on Boxes and Arrows called Printing the Web which questions if the idea of the paperless office is a myth. In addition the article covers the ability to print information on Web pages and the use of the flexible tables and/or CSS to accomodate this. [from InfoDesign]

Many readers of Digital Web Magazine have mentioned the problem with our site's design and how hard it is to print articles. We know, believe me, we know. The source of the problem is the design, it was built in 1998. How many browsers supported the media attribute for CSS at this time? Not many, if they supported CSS at all. Relax, all will be fixed in the up-and-coming redesign... even more so, all will be documented and published in articles that will be readable AND printable from this site. Oh ya, and the fonts will be sizable. More on this later.

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