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Nick Finck

April 3, 2003 at 12:56 AM

There is no doubt that this month has been a very challenging month for everyone on staff, however we are back with another new issue of Digital Web Magazine after a short hiatus. Some changes with the staff line up. Meryl has moved to the role of Contributing Editor so she can focus on more important things: bringing a new life into this world. With that said a few other staff members have been given titles that more accurately reflect their involvement with the magazine since they joined the staff. Britt D. Parrott will take on the title of Editor in Chief and I will assume the title of Publisher. Also, D. Keith Robinson will move into the role of Managing Editor.

Some of you may have also noticed a shinny new logo on the pages of our site or at the SXSW Web Awards in Austin. You are not seeing things. This is the work of Kristof Saelen with some creative direction by myself and Jesse Nieminen. Kristof has taken the time to explain the process he went through to come up with the new logo in the article "The process of redesigning a logo." Also in this issue Bryan Eisenberg looks at marketing and traffic analysis in "Dear Marketer: Have you ever looked into the wrong end of a telescope?" The statistics identified in this article are shocking. That's all for this week. See you next week with another issue of Digital Web Magazine.

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