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Nick Finck

April 10, 2003 at 10:23 PM

A new issue of Digital Web Magazine is out and this one, I have a feeling, is going to strike up some conversation. Contributing author, J. Dawn Mercedes, Ph.D. writes an article entitled "Flashes of Brilliance and Use-Centered Design" which covers the topic of Macromedia's Flash and how it is used in today's industry. The doctor takes an interesting perspective on what benefits the tool has and if, in fact, it is much more than just a tool. Also in this issue Peter-Paul Koch writes up the first of a two part series on "The Ideal Web Team" which takes an in-depth look at how web teams should be organized from the perspective of an idealist. Speaking of web teams. Did you know Digital Web Magazine is in search of a volunteer information architect, contributing cover artists and staff columnists? See the details below in this post. That's all for this week, we will return next week with part two of Peter-Paul Koch's column.

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