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Nick Finck

April 17, 2003 at 6:35 PM

Speaking of web design competitions, the deadline is quickly approaching for Every Day Life. ...just though it would be cool to say that... but seriously, the deadline is July 1st @ 9 PM GMT. Hurry up and get your piece in! Yours truly along with Carole Guevin, Gabe Kean, Hillman Curtis, James Widegren, Justin Fox, Michael Schmidt, Patrick Sundqvist, Richard May, and Rob Corradi will be judging the entries. Prizes will include a Monson snowboard, a one year subscription to IdN, free hosting for life from MediaTemple, DERUSH poster/t-shirt pack, 2advanced Studios poster/t-shirt pack, and a copy of Swift3D v3 by E-Rain.

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