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Nick Finck

May 28, 2003 at 8:27 AM

D. Keith Robinson publishes a story that seems all too familiar to us. He entitles the story Death Of A Web Team (subtitle omitted). A few points I want to note here, and if it sounds like I am repeating myself, it is because I am. 1) Graphic designers and graphic design firms are not Web designers and Web firms. 2) The CEO and upper management often do not know what is best for the web site's users and more commonly than not grasp at any straw they can in desperate times (read: seek change). 3) Going from an internal web team to an external vendor is often not the best choice. On the flip side, going from an external vendor to creating a new internal team is not an easy task. 4) Rely on your instincts as a web designer, but trust the users.

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