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Nick Finck

July 30, 2003 at 8:29 AM

Two great articles have been published on Boxes and Arrows this week. The first is "Report Review: Nielsen/Norman Group's Usability Return on Investment" by Peter Merholz and Scott Hirsch. The article picks apart the report and gives valid points with the issues they found in the data and case studies. Also in this issue is an article about "Web Traffic Analytics and User Experience " by Fran Diamond. I find this article very interesting and timely. Some of the main topics at themes at this week's Web Design World were underscored by the fact that there is a lot of data that tells us about our web sites and our site's visitors that we have yet to even look at to help imporve the experience the user gets when visiting our sites. Hats off to Christina, Erin, Brenda and team for producing another great issue.

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