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Nick Finck

September 7, 2004 at 8:31 AM

Derek Featherstone has published another great piece of insight entitled Three Things I've Learned About Blogging. I can say for certain most of his assumptions are accurate... there is a sort of pulse to the blogging community and things slow down on the weekend and a heart attack hits on Mondays. For the independent web community (yes, we're talking ezines here, not blogs) it is a bit different. Looking at it on a weekly level reveals that Tuesdays (or early Wednesdays) are the day of choice for publishing new material. This is part of the reason we publish Digital Web Magazine on Wednesday nights... sometimes late at night (midnight or so)... depending on our schedule that day. The nice thing about the independent web community is that we tend to be very aware of our sister publications and their schedules and we try to avoid having two zines publish on the same day out of courtesy and respect. We also show the same respect topic wise. For example I often referrer authors of articles that go into great depth on complicated IA techniques to sites like Boxes and Arrows and articles that go into depth on web development from a hands-on perspective to sites like A List Apart. It's always a good idea to find your niche within the web community. How about you, how do you publish within the community? What is your publishing schedule like?


Jonathan M. Hollin

September 7, 2004 at 9:58 AM

I don't agree with Derek's argument, "if you publish it on Saturday, it might get missed." Surely the whole point of blogging is that you publish whenever you have something to document? With a schedule, the dynamism of blogging is totally lost. I can see that a publishing schedule is probably important for the readers of an ezine such as Digital Web Magazine - however, in these enlightened days of RSS and Feed Readers, the case is arguable. I don't miss new content on any of my favourite websites, because my Feed Reader alerts me to new material - which is its whole raison d'

Mike P.

September 7, 2004 at 10:11 AM

Hmm... I used to like posting at around noon GMT, on Fridays, but I did find that posts would get lost. People would read and comment on Tuesday and such. Silly me, thinking other people surfed on the weekends! I've noticed that when I do put up a post, it needs to sit up there for awhile before I put up another, or seem to miss it. At any rate, we/I'm on hiatus while I sort out a good posting strategy, focus, and add some new features...


September 7, 2004 at 11:00 AM

@Jonathan: I agree with your point about feed readers/aggregators and automatic notification etc... However, I will say this: quite often after a weekend, I've simply marked all feeds read because there was just too much to catch up with. What I was talking about (and perhaps didn't emphasize enough) is that I was thinking more about exposure to pepple that don't already subscribe to your feeds -- if someone links to one of your posts in their link blog when you post on Saturday morning, they will inevitably add a number of other links early in the week, and the link to your post falls off the bottom. And in a case like yours, where you are pulling your blogroll from (I think that is where you are pulling from, right?), an early Saturday morning post might all but be gone by the time Monday afternoon rolls around... Hope that clarifies what I was trying to say...


September 7, 2004 at 11:09 AM

Lately, I've been publishing content that I have a lot of (like jokes, and humorous content) on a regular schedule. Usually almost every day just past midnight. The other news related posts (like saying something about another blog post) is written when I feel like it, but after it's done, I'll also let it sit in queue scheduled to be published at some future time. It's usually within 24 hours, and I don't generally change the publish time I set, I just change the content up until publish time. Most of my random publishing happens on weekends. During that time, I'll publish willy nilly. I'm not concerned about it getting lost because most of my readership uses RSS readers, and I keep the history long enough that you'd have to go quite a while without grabbing the feed before losing anything.

Jonathan M. Hollin

September 7, 2004 at 2:14 PM

"quite often after a weekend, I've simply marked all feeds read because there was just too much to catch up with" Good point Derek. I hadn't considered that. Obviously different websites will experience different trends based on their audience. For my website there isn't a noticeable drop in traffic at the weekends. I also get the expected spikes in traffic when I publish new material, whether that be on Sat/Sun or otherwise. Maybe my audience has learned that I am just as likely to post on Saturday or Sunday as I am on any other day.

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