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Looking for Web Patterns

Nick Finck

September 17, 2004 at 12:51 PM

Feeding off of Monday's post about Design Standards I came across a great resource for UI Patterns and Techniques which sheds some light on how UIs should be architected and designed. It's important to note that be it design standards or UI patterns, these are all just guidelines that one should be encouraged to follow, but they are by no means rules that you must follow. Another great resource along these lines is Patrick Lynch and Sarah Horton's Web Style Guide, now in its 2nd edition and available in print and on the Web. I can't tell you how much the Web Style Guide has helped me architect, design and develop more effective, efficient, and intuitive web sites since I first stumbled across the site in 1997. It's well worth the time investment to read this resource. [from: The Daily Div]

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