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Facets of Navigation

Nick Finck

November 30, 2004 at 12:47 PM

Peter Van Dijck posts about A-Z Indexes and contrasts it to search and controlled vocabularies. Digital Web Magazine has a A-Z Index as well. The qualitative data we are seeing from the current Annual Readership Survey thus far show that the A-Z Index is the third most used facet on the site with the topic map being first and, of course, the internal search engine being second. Quantitative data analysis shows that while the topic map is the most used facet, the category index is the second most used and the A-Z index is the third most used facet. I am curious to hear what your take on this is. If available, what facets do you see your site's users using the most? Is it the A-Z Index, topic map, categorical index, chronological index, author index, or internal search engine? Or do you provide any of these facets on your site at all? And if not, why? I'll be speaking more about how to use both of these methods to help inform design coming up in March for SXSWi. I'll post more information about that presentation later.

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