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Web Analytics and Web Browsers

Nick Finck

December 20, 2004 at 2:19 PM

Mark this day down on your calendars. Eric Meyer is starting to think about web analytics and even starting to talk like a web analytics analyst as well. I agree with all of Eric's points here. The only stats that matter for your web site are your web site's own stats. The way stats like those from WebSideStory come into play are more for sites that don't exist yet or for just getting a general since of the mass that is the entire (or some of) audience of the web. Here at ZAAZ we have entire teams of people doing web analytics who read through data about not just what browsers your site's users are using but also where they are going, where they are failing to go, and even why this is happening.


Eric Meyer

December 20, 2004 at 5:36 PM

Oh, pish posh. If all it took to think like an analytics person was to state the obvious fact that "your users are important; WebSideStory isn't"-- well, y'all would be out of a job. The really valuable analytical work is the stuff you talked about at the end: figuring out where people are coming into the site, where they're gong, why they're getting lost, and so on. And pretty much the extent of my analytics thinking is encapsulated in the post you reference, so it's really nothing to note in the annals of Web history. I just got a bit torqued that so many people seemed to be overlooking the obvious, and sounded off about it. That's, what, 99.999% of all blogging?

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