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Putting a Name to IT

Nick Finck

February 28, 2005 at 9:35 AM

Mike Papageorge on Ajax and marketing technologies. Mike makes some very well justified points here, and he's right. Ajax has been around for quite some time. The fact that Adaptive Path stepped up and gave it a name helps market the technology. Look at it this way, was "Viral Marketing" around before the term came around? Yes. Did XHTML, Javascript, CSS, and DOM exist before "DHTML" was coughed up by the media? Yes. Were the W3C Recommendations around before "Web Standards" came a common phrase? Yes. Where "Blogs" around before it was a common household word? Yes. Was "Information Architecture" practiced before IA was a regularly used acronym? Yes. Was there always a "User Experience"? Yes. Putting a name to something obscure and somewhat unknown is a good way to give something market lift, and this is exactly what's going on here.


Bud Gibson

February 28, 2005 at 12:14 PM

Jeffrey Veen made an interesting post on the topic of commercialization and monetization yesterday in which he argued that those who commercialized the technology deserved the spoils they managed to accumulate. The interesting thing I noted here was that when I read the Adaptive Path article, what gave it credibility was its link to an article with a how-to. I wonder if Adaptive Path is not just succeeding in popularizing the technology without necessarily getting any commercial benefit.

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