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New Issue of A List Apart

Nick Finck

March 2, 2005 at 9:05 AM

This issue of A List Apart includes a great article entitled Use-Cases Part II: Taming Scope which was jointly authored by Norm Carr and Tim Meehan. The article goes into how to use the use-case model to control overall project scope creep. In that the article is very effective and helpful. However, I personally choose not to use the more formalized Use Cases (an artifact of RUP, sometimes including UML) as a tool and instead prefer the more simplified, informal and readable User Scenarios document that includes Personas (read: mapping user goals and tasks to business goals). Then I create a process flow document for the diagramming of key paths and processes (more like UML diagramming or perhaps flowcharting). All in all a Use Case is helpful to keeping a project on track and the client understanding the complexity of user's goals and that is exactly what this article covers. Go check it out.

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