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Technorati: Buying a Lemon

Nick Finck

August 21, 2005 at 8:42 PM

It seems there are rumors going around that Technorati is going to get bought. Good for them, but I think they have an obligation to their users to take care of first. You can read my points about The Failure of Technorati if you like, but Jason Kottke puts the nail in the coffin quite well in his post aptly entitled So long, Technorati. I asked it before, but I am going to ask it again: Technorati, are you really listening to your users?


Douglas Clifton

August 22, 2005 at 9:20 PM

Technorati is getting a lot of flak lately. I posted comments to my own blog about this the other day after seeing Jason's piece. Jason says so Long. I like Technorati, but they really need to fix their backend, regardless of whether a sale in the works or not. Funny, I've had my eye on Ice Rocket for sometime now, and all of a sudden everyone is jumping on the bandwagon saying how they have better, faster results. They have a few problems of their own, but after contacting them about it, I got a very positive response and they seem to be getting right on it. I would venture the traffic to their network has been skyrocketing since all of this came to the forefront, yet I haven't noticed any sort of lag when searching the site.

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