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BlogWalk Seattle

Nick Finck

September 3, 2005 at 1:58 PM

Friday I was invited to participate in the first BlogWalk in Seattle. Here are some photos of the BlogWalk. Lilia Efimova hosted the event with Nancy White and plenty of people showed up including Lee LeFever, the Bryght guys, Cyprien Lomas, Jon Husband, Phil Klein and Korby Parnell. It was quite an interesting gathering and followed the OpenSpace standard. I am curious to know what other kinds of grassroots and informal gatherings are happening in Seattle as well as other cities around the world. Know of any? If so what kind of format do they use? Is it more like presentational style that you see at conferences or is it more open and driven by the attendees (AKA the unconference)? Any feedback you can offer would be greatly appreciated, just use the comments for this blog post to reply.

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