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The Travel Experience

Nick Finck

October 4, 2005 at 8:03 PM

Well-known community expert and good friend, Lee LeFever, tells me that The World is not Flat or so goes the title of his new site where he and his wife, Sachi, intends to log their journey around the world and prove the point. And it's not just a travel blog, he's setup the site so that the community at large can participate sharing not only their comments and feedback but also their own stories and experiences in various parts of the world. He also makes some good use of Google Maps and other handy features such as weighted lists and tags within Drupal. For the record, I think this a great example of how to make a site driven by a tool like Drupal stand out in it's own unique way. Congrats Lee and Sachi!


Lee LeFever

October 4, 2005 at 8:44 PM

Woohoo! Thanks for the link and nice words Nick!

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