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And the winner of a free pass to SXSW Interactive is...

Nick Finck

January 23, 2006 at 10:17 PM

Ok, ok, so everyone is emailing me wanting to know who the winner of the free SXSWi pass giveaway is. Let me first say that this wasn't an easy decision for me or the rest of the staff to make. Let me also say that we didn't all agree on the same person. There were lots of reasons why we should choose any one of the people who commented, but to me it came down to a few factors. We did a few dart throws followed by some rolling of dice. We tried holding a switch from s sapling together and walking around the room with the names placed in each corner. Then, of course we did a few drops of the old toast and jam just to make sure we were right. Ok, without any further fan fare... Chris Griego, you're going to SXSW Interactive! Special thanks to all those who commented and we will totally put you on the list for a free pass next year.

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