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Designing with Web Standards 2nd Edition

Carolyn Wood

July 17, 2006 at 11:32 AM

I visited my wishlist a few days ago, and discovered that the button under Designing with Web Standards had changed from Pre-Order This Item to Add to Cart. Through his blog, Jeffrey Zeldman introduced me to much of what I came to love about the Web. Each day, The Daily Report covered wildly talented people, an amazing community, new techniques, and the big issues we all needed to tackle. His integrity, humor, wisdom, generosity, and vision spoke from every page. For many of us, he became an unofficial mentor—even if we'd never spoken with him. Like most of you, I read the famous orange first edition of Designing with Web Standards. The new second edition sports a bright green cover and promises updated and additional information. What I know is this: If he wrote it, I want it. Without hesitation, I clicked Add to Cart.

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