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Web Directions in 6 Weeks!

Carolyn Wood

August 16, 2006 at 7:56 AM

Six weeks until Web Directions, Australia's third annual standards-based web design and development conference. Find out what all the buzz is about and take advantage of the discount pricing which ends August 31. It's in Australia, mate! You know you want to go!

Two packed days of world-class speakers, a special breakfast, parties, and two optional days of outstanding workshops make this Australia's “can't miss” event.

Speakers include Kelly Goto on design and workflow, Thomas Vander Wal on tagging, folksonomies and more, Derek Featherstone on web app and web site accessibility, Andy "Malarkey" Clarke on web design, Ajax gurus Jeremy Keith and Cameron “The Man in Blue” Adams, and John Allsopp on microformats. Other great talks cover RSS, building online communities, user-centered design and much more. Five optional full-day workshops with web rockstars are also offered.

Discount pricing of just $AUD850 for the conference, fully catered, with reception and closing night party ends August 31st. Workshops are just $AUD395 each for conference attendees.

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