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Digital Photography Roundup

Nick Finck

November 25, 2006 at 1:26 PM

Its now officially the holiday season and there are probably a lot of people taking snaps to capture the occasions. Here are a few handy photography tips, tricks and resources I have come across recently and in the past.

First, if you don't have a camera learn about all of the cameras out there, what's popular, what the specs are. The people at Flickr have a pretty handy Camera Finder site and is pretty damn good too. Bob Atkins also has a pretty good beginner's guide to digital photography which helps explain a lot of the confusing terminology and specifications.

Second, once you have your camera, learn how to hold your camera, a great article by Darren Rowse (be sure to check out his digital photography blog). Stephen Voss, a very talented photographer, has also authored a great article On Digital Photography here at Digital Web Magazine.

Third, learn the basics (hey, I am still learning this stuff too!) Camera basics: shutter-speed, aperture and ISO, another great article by by Simon Mackie (who of course also has a great blog called PhotographyJam). My personal favorite is NK Guy's Canon EOS Beginners' FAQ just because I am a Canon guy. Derrick Story's Digital Photography Pocket Guide is also a really handy guide to have on hand. Kodak also has some pretty good tips for great pictures.

Fourth, once you have taken your photos check out some of the cool tools you can use for reviewing and displaying them. for photo sharing there is, of course, Flickr (and all the Flickr toys that go with it), for viewing there is PicLens and my personal favorite SlideShowPro (see the Digital Web Magazine review of SlideShowPro). Then you have Apple's Aperture, a more professional software beyond iPhoto.

Fifth, once you feel your work is up to snuff, you also might want to check out Bruce Livingstone's Designer's Guide to Making Your Own Stock Photography (for non-photographers). Bruce runs so he knows what he's talking about when it comes to this stuff.

Last but not least you can check out other reviews of photography software, plugins, filters and more plus interviews with expert photographers and more on Digital Web Magazine's Photography page.

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