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Reader Survey comments

Nick Finck

February 14, 2007 at 9:07 PM

Thanks to everyone who took the time to complete our readership survey. If you haven't already done so, there's still time—go ahead and fill out the survey. I have been reviewing some of the responses, particularly the ones to the open-ended questions. I'd like to share a few with you.

When we asked how readers would locate an older article within our site, one person responded with "your mom." I am happy to hear my mom is still sending readers to my site, thank you, Mom! The same reader responded to the question about topics they would like to see with "your mom, fish, turtles, ruby on rails". I am sorry to disappoint, but we won't be discussing my parents on this site. Fish and turtles, maybe. We already started covering Ruby on Rails, and expect to see more soon. Meanwhile go check out Justin Williams's article Ruby on Rails for the Rest of Us.

Several readers reported issues with how we set up a few of the questions in the survey—particularly the questions where it basically asks readers to choose between focusing on beginner vs. expert articles, creative vs. technical, informative and practical vs. theory and tactical. So, where is the middle ground? There is none; we did this because we wanted to see which side you would lean toward, if forced. Tricky, aren't we? For those who said they liked the balance it has today, thank you. We're not saying we're going to change it, we just want to know what our readers are focusing on.

Now for some of the general comments in the survey:

"It is one of the few newsletters that I actually read and pursue articles. I often refer my students to articles found on your site. You're doing a great job!"

Wow, thank you. Credit goes to Mark Wyner for the excellent newsletter design, and extra credit goes David Greiner and friends at Freshview who make Campaign Monitor, which runs our newsletter.

"Glad to see Derek Featherstone as a new blogger here!"

We are happy to have Derek on board, too! ...And Donna, and Garrett, and John, and hell, everyone on staff! There will be more surprises to come!

"You're doing very good job guys. And oh, one more bonus thing: there is no web magazine which has a better interface. Seriously."

Why thank you, but we can't take full credit for this, it's really the feedback you provide in the reader survey that helps us define things like the interface and design, not to mention the content. So, take the survey if you haven't already and help us improve the site and its content!

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