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Microformats presentations and related events

John Allsopp

March 17, 2007 at 4:44 PM

With SxSW just gone, whether you went or not, you might be getting a bit sick of conferences, and other events. Or, you might be itching for more. If you are in the former camp, stop reading now OK, so if you are still with me, you might be interested in some upcoming events with a microformats focus from around the world, as well as some wrapups from recent events

Upcoming Events

Semantic London

"Semantic London is a first shot at organising an event for people interested in all things Semantic Web (both lower-case and Upper Case). If you've got an interest in getting more and better semantic information out on the web, come along" - just a couple of days away on March 20

Web 2.0 Expo

Features two microformats sessions, Microformats for Web Services and Portable Content by Kevin Lawver, and by me, Microformats: Much more than just promise, April 16 and 17 respectively, in downtown San Francisco

In conjunction with the conference there's also Web 2.0 Open, a bar camp like unconference, where am sure sessions of Microformats will be found.

A dinner for those who are interested in microformats is also planned for Wednesday, April 18 - all welcome

XTech 2007 in Paris

XTech features Microformats: the nanotechnology of the semantic web

Recent Events


Going head to head with Dan Rather (famous TV news guy for non Americans), the microformats session at SxSW filled the biggest room they had. Notes on the session are online.

Web Directions North

Featuring three solid hours on microformats, an overview from Tantek Çelik, and sessions on designing with microformats (by Dan Cederholm) and developing with microformats (me), slides and liveblogging are online now, and podcasts coming soon.


Pete Rossetti

March 18, 2007 at 4:44 AM

Also this April 5th in Edinburgh Scotland UK, there is a conference with the theme Progressive Enhancement but with Drew (allintheHead) Mclellan talking on Microformats. More details at The Highland Fling.

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