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New Column: The Working Designer

Carolyn Wood

March 8, 2007 at 4:12 PM

I've had a pet project for the past few months—creating a new column called The Working Designer. In each article, a talented designer will choose one of his or her sites and take us through his or her thought process and work process as they create the design. This will be a terrific opportunity to watch a designer at work, see what inspires him, why he makes the decisions he does, the tools he uses, how he deals with colors, grids, typography and, of course, clients. Each article will be different, as authors are free to focus on the aspects of their work that interest them the most. The first article will be published a few days after SXSW, written by Jesse Bennett-Chamberlain of 31three. He tackled a huge project—the design of 5 related sites for the pMachine-Ellis Lab (Expression Engine) people (actually, four sites and a forum). These sites are stunning, in my opinion—see details in my next post. Jesse Bennett Chamberlain has long been one of my favorite designers, but there are other mega-talented people out there, people we'd all love to learn from, and I hope that you'll become contributors to this column. I send a long list of questions to the designer, but they are free to choose which questions to focus on. Many of us are hungry for more design-related information, and this is one effort to meet that need.


Jill Tovey

March 9, 2007 at 8:33 AM

Great idea, and one that will be really useful to those that don't necessarily get to work and interact with top designers on a day to day basis. Really looking forward to it! (Just had a look at Jesse's websites - wow, awesome) stuff!

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